An update from Todd Tharp and your Athletic Association:

Please find the following information as we begin our bowling season.

1) CONTACT INFORMATION: Please make sure that each athletic director and boy’s bowling coach is receiving this e-mail. AD’s, if your bowling coach is not receiving this e-mail, please contact me as soon as possible and will add them to my database.

2) CLASSIFICATIONS: A list of the classifications for the sport of bowling are listed on our website. Since bowling is a co-ed sport, the classifications are now final and these classifications will be used to select host sites and to place teams into the joint qualifying meets in February. If your school is not represented on the list, or you notice a school you are bowling against that is not listed, please contact me as soon as possible.

3) CLASSIFICATIONS PART II: When viewing the rules meeting, you noticed a change in the classification system for all three classes of bowling. Class 3A will now have 30 teams, Class 2A will now have 30 teams and Class 1A will have the remaining teams, which I believe is 45 with the addition of Clarinda and West Central Valley. 105 bowling schools is a record amount of teams for the sport of bowling!!!!

4) JOINT QUALIFYING MEET HOSTING: With the change in classifications, came a change in the number of qualifying meet sites in classes 3A and 2A. In Class 3A, there will only be 5 host sites needed, with 6 teams at each site. In Class 2A, there will only be 5 host sites needed, with 6 teams at each site. In Class 1A, there will still be 7 host sites, with 4 sites hosting 6 teams and 3 sites hosting 7 teams. We will still take 8 teams to the state tournaments, with classes 3A and 2A having 5 automatic qualifiers and 3 at-large and class 1A having 7 automatic qualifiers and 1 at-large qualifier.

5) SCHOOLS THAT HAVE REQUESTED TO HOST: Here is the list of schools that have requested to host a joint qualifying meet on Tuesday, February 12th. Ideally, we would like to have both the girls teams and the boys teams bowling at the same time, so a minimum of 12 or 14 lanes are needed to host. If you have less lanes than that, we can talk about you hosting, but this would lead to one gender bowling in the morning and one gender in the afternoon or shortly after the other gender. In addition, we can place multiple classes at one facility if there are enough lanes to do so. If you are interested in hosting and not on this list, please contact me with your interest. We will be selecting sites the week of December 10th.

Cascade, Western Dubuque
Cedar Falls
Cedar Rapids, Kennedy
Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln
Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson
Davenport, Central
Des Moines, East
Fort Dodge
Lewis Central
North Fayette Valley
Prairie, Cedar Rapids
Red Oak
Sioux City, North
Southeast Polk
St. Albert, Council Bluffs
Wahlert, Dubuque
Waterloo, East
Waterloo, West
West Delaware, Manchester
West Sioux, Hawarden
Xavier, Cedar Rapids

6) ADDITIONAL BOWLING CONTESTS: We have had two new schools, Clarinda and West Central Valley added to the list of bowling schools. As is our policy, when new schools request to sponsor a sport, we allow them to contact schools that may already have a full schedule of contests and request that those schools be allowed an additional contest for one year to help them create a schedule.

To my knowledge Clarinda has contacted the following schools: Red Oak, Lewis Central, Creston, Harlan, Shenandoah, St. Albert, Council Bluffs and Denison-Schleswig. Each of those schools has been granted permission to have a 13th date.

To my knowledge West Central Valley has contacted the following schools: Nodaway Valley and Mount Ayr. Each of those schools has been granted permission to have a 13th date.

If there are other schools I am missing, please let me know.

7) QUIKSTATS: It appears that the programmers with QUIKStats have come very, very close to working out all the issues with statistical information entry. Today it appears to be “old” format which separates schools by classification or conference and links available for viewing of team and individual information. If upon entering your statistical data, you encounter issues, please let me know as soon as possible.

8) REGULAR SEASON ROSTERS: Just for clarity again, even though a varsity roster is made up of 6 bowlers, those 6 bowlers can change after the individual games and can change after each baker game. Bowler 1, Bowler, 2, Bowler 3, Bowler 4, Bowler 5 and Bowler 6 can participate in the first individual games. Bowler 6, Bowler 7, Bowler 8, Bowler 9, Bowler 10, Bowler 11 and Bowler 12 can participate in the second individual game. The top 5 scores will be used to enter as part of the team score. Obviously, each bowler will have a zero for one of the two games and the likelihood of winning is remote, but it does allow for more participation. The same concept can then be used for the baker games, where 25 “new” bowlers can each bowl, with each bowler, bowling 2 frames. This is coaching preference, no different than other sports. We do not limit who can participate in a varsity football game, or who can wrestle in a varsity wrestling tournament or dual, so likewise, for the sport of bowling. For the post season, we do limit the roster to 6 who will bowl both individual games and the baker games, similar to narrowing our roster in other sports such as basketball where only 15 are allowed to dress.

9) STATE TOURNAMENT VENUE: We have reserved Cadillac Lanes in Waterloo for the state meet to be held on February 18th, 19th, and 20th. Class 1A on the 18th, Class 2A on the 19th and Class 3A on the 20th.

I hope that by this time next week, all have had the opportunity to compete in a meet.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.