Let the season begin!

Welcome to the beginning of another bowling season from your Iowa High School Bowling Coaches Association. There are a few notes I would like to share with you about the upcoming season:

I would STRONGLY encourage you to have all coaches on your team to sign-up for our mailing list (available to the right). This will guarantee you are getting updates. Please share this with other coaches in your area as well.

As a Coach you are required to take the online rules meeting which is available through Nov 26th in this location

Please pay attention to a few rules changes regarding qualifying for state, district sizes, and a new allowance for skirts. If you have questions after carefully considering the rules meeting, please let me know.

Districts will be defined after we get the FINAL school classifications and will be posted on our website. As previously done, all-district awards will be determined by average as long as bowlers meet minimum participation levels and eligibility requirements. Head coaches will be given the opportunity to withhold bowlers if they do not meet the requirements of their particular team. Please ensure you are only entering regular season statistics on Quikstats as I will need to manually remove all erroneously posted post-season statistics from our results.

If you have any questions or concerns with any of this, or have anything additional, please feel free to reach out.