Passing on a note from the state associations…

Bowling Athletic Directors & Coaches-

Happy New Year to all of you!!!

Brrrr!!! It is cold outside. Welcome to -16 below and Iowa.

Please use this e-mail to make sure that all boys’ bowling coaches and athletic directors are receiving this e-mail. If you want to forward it on to your girls’ bowling coaches, that should work as the information provided will be for both genders.

1) STATE TOURNAMENT UPDATE: As of this time, a venue for the state bowling tournament has not been determined. The IHSAA and the IGHSAU have been in contact with the Iowa Bowling Proprietors regarding potential venues and site visits will take place in the next two weeks to determine a venue for this year’s state tournament. We will keep you up to date when future developments present themselves.

2) QUIKSTATS: The second required check date is next, Tuesday, January 9th by 3 PM. This is for both boys and girls teams. Please go in and make sure that you have entered performances from all your meets through Saturday, January 6th. I have checked a handful of boys’ teams and have seen some meets from December that have not been entered. If you had to cancel a meet on a specific day, please go in and change the information on QUIKStats.

Remember, you are required to update your roster, complete your schedule, and enter the results of your competitions. There are three or four schools that have not entered any information. There are consequences for schools that do not meet the requirements to enter your information and results.

3) SCHOLARSHIP RULE: Many of you will be coming up on the end of your official grading period in the next couple of weeks and final grades for your student-athletes will be determined. Just a reminder that any student-athlete who fails a course; either a high school class they can receive credit in, or a college class they receive dual credit it, is required to sit out for 30 calendar days beginning on the first day of the new grading period. With many of you being outside the school setting, please use this time to visit with the guidance counselor and/or athletic director to check on any students that may be riding the fence regarding eligibility. Any school that begins their new semester on Monday, January 15th and has a student-athlete that failed a course, that student will not be eligible to bowl at the joint qualifying meet on February 13th.

4) HOSTING STATE QUALIFYING MEETS: We have completed the process of selecting our qualifying meet host sites and have all of our centers selected for the qualifying meets on Tuesday, February 13th. The IHSAA Board of Control will approve these sites at their January 24th meeting and both organizations will post the qualifying meet sites and assignments on Thursday, January 25th. The time of each meet will be forthcoming as well. Just a reminder that there will still be seven sites in each class. The seven qualifying champions from each of those sites will qualify for the state tournament, along with one (1) at large team in each classification with the highest pin count total of all the remaining teams in that classification. In short, 8 teams in each class will qualify for the state tournament.

5) BAKER GAME SUBSTITUTION: We continue to get a few questions regarding the baker game substitution change for this year. As stated earlier, coaches now have complete control of who they want to have bowl during each Baker game. During the regular season, the coach can determine who they want to bowl during each Baker game. Technically, 5 different bowlers could bowl in each of the Baker games, or however the coach wants to create the order. The order can change each and every game, with Player #1 being the first bowler in game #1, the second bowler in game #2, etc., or 5 players can bowl game #1 and 5 different player can bowl game #2, etc.

During the post season, we put a cap on the number of participants that are allowed to bowl.

6) SCRIMMAGES: Just a reminder that scrimmages are not allowed in the sport of bowling.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding bowling, please let us know.

Todd Tharp
Assistant Director

Jason Eslinger
Assistant Director