COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Reminders on Coach-Athlete Out of Season Contact

As per the Coach-Athlete Out of Season Contact rule, all in-person contact between coaches/administrators and student-athletes in all sports is prohibited.

Sport specific virtual (video, phone, social media, etc.) contact between coaches and athletes in all sports (except baseball and softball – see below) is prohibited. Virtual “wellness” check-in with athletes is permitted.
Posting links to articles and videos (not produced by the coach) is permitted. Sending such links to individuals or groups of students is not permitted.
No live and/or group strength and conditioning demonstration or specific instruction is permitted. A strength and conditioning coach may share (including links to) articles and individual workout videos (including coach-created). None of these may be sport-specific and must be shared with all students in the school; not select students. Coaches may not require athletes to complete workouts nor require athletes to report workouts completed.

We are awaiting guidance from the Department of Education regarding Coach-Athlete Out of Season contact regarding the established June 1 start date for permissible contact. The date and what will be permitted is dependent upon availability of school facilities.

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